Ok, that’s done.

So yea, last year I was thrilled to a) help recruit speakers for; b) speak at; and c) serve as emcee at the first ever Social Capital Conference in Ottawa. I thought it was a pretty great event and, evidently, others did too cause this year people actually had to apply to speak.

Luckily, despite opting out of any official role on the selection committee, I was picked to speak again.

And if you could decipher the terrible title of this post (take that, basic principles of SEO!), you’ve figured out that I’m going to be talking about something known as Web Engagement Management – or WEM.

It’s something we’re spending a lot of time thinking about and implementing at work these days. In a nutshell, WEM is the strategic and holistic application of a whole whack of stuff smart web marketers and communicators have been doing for a long time (stuff like A|B and multivariate testing of content, analytics and tracking, content personalization etc) using a new breed of software / platforms that make them easier and more effective.

There’s a blog post and session description on the conference site that give a bit more context but I’m hoping you’ll register for the event, come to my session and throw some questions at me so we can talk it out in person. It’s really cool stuff.

And if that’s not reason enough to attend, here, I made you a comic strip (poof, you’re a comic strip. Ha!):