Your host



Strangely-eclectic early career gigs

  • ‘Celebrity’ guest judge at a drag pageant
  • Telephone surveyor (for 1 day)
  • Purveyor of big and tall menswear
  • Slinger of soft serve ice cream treats
  • Pulp mill line worker
  • Volunteer backstage theatre technician (ask me what dirty word I heard a popular children’s entertainer say!)
  • Nominee for Chancellorship of Carleton University (what do you get when you cross an open call for nominations and a band of mischievous friends? You guessed it!)

2 thoughts on “Your host

  1. I like the format of your About page. I could never quite figure out how and what to write on mine, so I never bothered. I think I’ll have to borrow this concept. 🙂

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