Donor recognition

A huge thank you to the following people, all of whom contributed to the 30-30-30 campaign.

  1. Jamie Calder
  2. Teresa Baldwin
  3. Nick Fish
  4. Tom Hofstätter
  5. Carol Mason
  6. Kristen Scheel
  7. Kym from
  8. Grant Boland
  9. Dan Gunther
  10. Jeff Bishop
  11. Della Siemens
  12. Peter James
  13. Dan Blouin
  14. Ian Capstick
  15. Jeremy Bruce
  16. Meaghan (@sensatlandsend)
  17. Rebecca (@bitofmomsense)
  18. Kerilyn Voigt
  19. (Name withheld by request)
  20. Eric Lay
  21. Sonia Verma
  22. Ryan Laginski
  23. Matthew Van Dongen
  24. Pog Van Verma
  25. Stefan Norman
  26. MmeSiouxie
  27. Tom and Cecille Boughner
  28. Glen Gower
  29. Stefan Smith
  30. Sandra Derby
  31. Susan Derby

In addition to these people, 30-30-30 was the cause of choice for passing the hat at the March 25 Case Study Jam (note: yes, I’m an organizer of the Jam but it wasn’t my decision to raise funds for my own cause there, thanks to Nick, Bob, Della and Mel for picking it). The attendees added more than $70 to the pot so big thanks to everyone who came out and contributed.

Thank you one and all.

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