Week 4

Fight cancer, get a free poem

UPDATED: Check out the mo’ems in the mo’etry gallery!

At the risk of sounding slightly self-important, you might know me as one or more of many things: loving husband and father; cranky commentator on all this communicatory; consumer of quality beers; perhaps even passionate sports fan.

And, as this month’s experiment once again emphasizes, grower of sub-par moustaches.

But did you know I’m also an award-winning poet? It’s true.

And it’s in this vein that I”m making a special offer. Today, November 8, marks the one week ann’mo’versary of Movember 2011. And if you make a donation to my efforts to fight prostate cancer by growing pathetic facial hair, you win a free, custom poem (or mo’em) from yours truly.

BOOM. Doing it again, final countdown style: Donate before 10 pm on November 29.

How can you engage in this mo’etic offer? Simple:

1. Go to and make a donation

2. Leave a comment here or send me a message on twitter (@joeboughner) identifying:

  • What kind of poem you want (limerick, haiku or free verse)
  • Any particular topic or keyword you’d like included
3. Wait in breathless anticipation for the delivery of your custom mo’em
  • A minimum $10 donation gets you a text-only version of your mo’em
  • A minimum $20 donation gets you a version of your mo’em typeset and illustrated by me using my graphic editor of choice – MS Paint
  • A minimum $50 donation gets you a video of me reciting your mo’em including dramatic hand gestures and facial expressions
What are you waiting for? Make a donation today! Offer ends at 10 pm EST on November 8 November 29.